Relatório sobre a exposição e a conferência do PPPP

the portuguese prison photo project, reportagem video, 2017

Este vídeo aprensenta uma visão geral da exposição que decorreu entre Setembro e Dezembro de 2017 no Centro Português de Fotografia, no Porto.

Report summary

The exhibition center
The exhibition rooms, their layout and design
Room 1 Introduction Luis Barbosa and Peter Schulthess
Room 2 Darkness and shadows – Luis Barbosa
Room 3 The details – Peter Schulthess
Room 4 Historical photography –
                        Maria José Mountinho Santos
Technical details about the exhibition
The international conference
Forthcoming activities

Book projects

Two books are currently in preparation:

  • Prisons and Culture in Portugal and Switzerland, Prisaos e cultura em Portugal e Suiza (Working title)
    The book, based on a comparative approach of the prison systems, is divided for each country in four chapters: the prison system, the performance of prisons, prisons and cultural heritage, finally prisons and photography. Furthermore, a chapter présents results of a study of visitors of the PPPP-exhibition in Porto in 2017. Coordination: Daniel Fink, University of Lausanne and Lucerne.

  • Prisons in Portugal and Europe: history, culture, photography. Proceedings of the international conference on comparative approaches, organised in Porto on 12 and 13 October 2017. Coordination: prof. Maria José Moutinho Santos, prof. Cândido da Agra and Gilda Santos. University of Porto.



Book idea

The photographers are looking for an international editor for a book with a selection of the photographs of the portuguese prison photo project.

Contact: Peter Schulthess,